#43 Is summer here?

While it was a cool morning yesterday, it was sunny. I dropped off the boys at school, parked at the local supermarket and got my 29er out as usual on a Monday and ran some errands. I didn’t really have a specific route planned so went to some of the usual off road places and eventually did a loop of back to town as I had forgotten a couple of things. It warmed up significantly which is to say that it hit double figures while being sunny at the same time. My merino base and thin long sleeve was just about overdressing but I would rather be too hot than too cold. I meandered here and there looking for reasons to stay out and eventually gave in to Father Time as I had Dad things to do as well as take the dog deer hunting in the forest. She is a greyhound/labrador cross so there is no holding her back when she spots land bound wildlife. They are too fast for her so I let her off the lead to have fun trying.

Dog walked, bed fixed, hoovering done and pasta bake cooked and cooling, I rode back to school to collect master14 from cricket training. It was too nice to take the short route so meandered around for more off road fun in the sun on an extended countryside trip. Then it was quickly home again, drop off, pack dinner for me and master11 and collect him from his school match to take him across the County to his evening club match. Yep, summer is here.

This morning, my legs moaned at me for doing too much yesterday. We negotiated a while and came to the conclusion that as events on the last 2 Tuesdays had curtailed my planned extended ride home, I would park up again at the supermarket and ride in to work from there. It is shorter but at least I got to play on the bridleways in the morning sun again. A pleasant tail-breeze helped me along and before I knew it, like a defiant child, my legs started complaining that they wanted MORE, not less. I wish that they would make up their mind…

The IT dept were migrating our MS Outlook to NHSmail today. None of our calendars have made it yet which helped make life chaotic. I spent 47 minutes on hold to IT to the tune of the same Kenny G song over and over to find out when we can get access. Like me, they didn’t know. I put on some music straight after my meeting afterwards to avoid the inevitable earworm later on my ride back.

A heavy blast of loud Foo Fighters did the trick. The speakers wired to the plasma teaching screen are a throwback to my late teens of the rack stereo system and very good. I was off road again on a slightly longer route back in the sun with the short sleeve top on with the buzz of Learning to Fly in my head. The North West cross breeze was cool on the arms but I was happy in my work re-exploring trails from last summer. I got back to the supermarket just in time to meet master14.

I dropped him home, showered and headed out to watch master11 play his match. Yep, summer is definitely here…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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