Half term

Since I started cycling again, school breaks have always interfered with my routine. Either I have had to take days off for childcare meaning that I don’t get the commute in or we are out and about visiting museums and places of interest. I am not complaining-the things that we do together are often fun and interesting. Enriching even but I never seem to get as much distance as I do during term time however I try to manufacture things.

The start of this week may have seen a watershed in this pattern, one which I hope leads to exciting things. Yesterday, I took the boys down to the Oval for another warm up match ahead of the World Cup starting on Thursday with other members of the junior section. Our seats were OK but we were on the opposite side of the ground to Saturday and further from the action. It was still a nice view but as we were in the unlicensed stand and the ground was only 2/3 full, decided to move over to Saturdays stand where we were on the shorter boundary and closer to the wicket.

England, being red hot favourites, predictably thrashed Afghanistan who had beaten neighbours Pakistan last week. It was an entirely different experience in terms of crowd dynamic but the boys saw some scintillating cricket and successfully hunted for autographs.

This morning I forsake my school hol lie in to take the van to the garage. It had made a strange whirring, bubbling sound under the dash the previous day. Yep, the head gasket is likely the problem but there is another undiagnosed issue that may make the repair infeasible. 2 months before we go on our camping trip to Normandy-bugger! I took a medium long return leg home on the bike working through the implications.

It would have been longer but master14, who has been on his bike more and more lately wanted to double the distance that we had done on Sunday for a proposed bike ride. NO PROBLEM son, it will make up for the previous day’s lounging at the cricket when I would have done that distance during term time anyway!

I decided to show him around some of the quieter local country lanes and we headed out into the cool winds chatting away and catching up with his life in general. It turns out that he has plans to cycle around Europe one day. He reckons that it can be the best way to travel cheap and experience the culture of another country.

I told him that I have always wanted to do that but only for the last 5 years and pointed him to some cycle blogs and websites that might be very useful in understanding what is needed and how to make it happen.

We have agreed to plan a pilot trip to and around the Netherlands near the end of the summer holidays this year or over Spring next year (depending on the overall cost of van repairs this year…).

Some training may be required to get his legs (& mine) up to it but I am oh so excited by this development.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to Half term

  1. meltdblog says:

    The fun of touring in the Netherlands is you don’t need to train for it, the distances between towns are short enough that people of all abilities can travel by bicycle.

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