#46 & #47

I haven’t had a whinge for a while about the bastard headwinds that greeted me yesterday morning. I haven’t cycled in headwinds for a while so at least it broke up the cool morning monotony. I just put my head down and rode a different route to take my mind off it but it was slow going. Needless to say, I didn’t repeat my heady speed from the previous day but I am not whingeing-it beat the cool mornings of the last couple of weeks.

I ducked out of work earlier than usual as I wanted to get some cricket training in at the club up the road. I am playing elsewhere this season owing to internal politics and in protest at the disgraceful, disrespectful behaviour of some senior players. After a long couple of seasons of this, I have come to the conclusion that life is too short to play the sport that I love with people like that. I flew home with not quite a wind but a breeze behind me. I took the short route in order to get home quickly. Everything felt fast. I had good rhythm, unusual on the homeward journey for a second day in a row of commuting. I wasn’t asking why, just enjoyed the riding in the warmth with, but not only, a short sleeve top. Finally!

This morning, things had warmed up from the previous couple of months. The sun peeking out from behind the cloud greeted me for the start of #47. For the 3rd day in a row, I took the crosser. There was a slim chance that the van may be fixed by the close of play today so would need to get to the garage quick before they close to collect it.

No chance. The distributors hadn’t even despatched the parts to the suppliers to get it to the garage so the earliest that they can do it is Monday. I would worry about how to get the boys to school, the dentist and their cricket matches on Monday, after my ride home…

So I headed out into 24 marvellous °C with an equally marvellous repeat tail-breeze. After negotiating the usual Friday ignorant driver nonsense around Harlow I decided to take the cycle paths out of town. They’re not frequented by a lot of riders and they are a hassle free way to get out unscathed. On a Friday they also seem to be the place of choice for smoking weed. I cruised through the purple haze, laughing at my younger self for naively thinking back in the day that no one could smell it.

I stopped at the local cricket club to enquire about playing. They are friendly and receptive. The guy that I chatted with is even a keen cyclist. I am going back again tomorrow to meet a few more but it doesn’t look like I’ll get a game as the teams have been selected for the weekend. After leaving, I detoured to the shop, got some beer and stopped again at my habitual Friday stop for some solitude.

Friday evening Lager recovery drink protocol

Tonight, for now, all is fine in the world…

A peaceful view

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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