#48 & #49m

Last week was a microcosm of my riding life over the summer. I had to be very creative to get over 100km done. The van was still in the garage with no hope of being ready before Wednesday. As I was car-less on Monday, I took Mrs B2W to work in hers, picked the boys up for school and ran some errands before walking the pooch around the forest. I had enough time to tear around on a 21km loop to run an otherwise 7km errand.

The ride to work on Tuesday morning felt like I was riding brought treacle even though the wind had died down and it was on the milder side of cool. They were undoubtedly telling me off for going faster on the 29er the previous day. The ride back was 100% in the wet and 100% enjoyable as I sweated up a nice core temperature in my water proofs. Another 45km in the bank.

Wednesday, a regular ride to work day was forsaken by attending the Cricket World Cup at the Oval. Instead, I rode a shortcut to the Scottish restaurant for coffee (we had run out of beans) and later rode to the supermarket to buy supplies (snacks) for the match. Another 20km done.

The Cricket World Cup-always a carnival atmosphere

We were thoroughly entertained by the raucous Bangladeshi support in our stand as New Zealand did their best to gift the match to them after being the better side for most of the game. A friend texted me a screen shot of me on the TV looking unimpressed as we lost another wicket to another dumb shot.

The following day was a quick school drop off and park at the supermarket to ride the off road trails in to work. It was a busy day facilitating a course, in particular having to manage the ego of a frustrated, demanding course director. When I say facilitating, I use the word loosely as I am not on the faculty list as I am not registered with the GMC. I just do the stuff that makes it happen while others get the credit. One of my colleagues who normally shields me from him had to flee to a family emergency so I was dead on my feet when I finished at 8.

The ride back in the warm dying day was just the tonic to clear my head. I took a longer route back. I was spent and had another course day tomorrow but what the hell I thought. The birds were still singing and the muntjacs were still hopping. Or running. Or whatever the hell they do. Riding in the still country air was where I wanted to be. With the added bonus of 125km for another week under my belt.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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