Thursday was 4 days riding in a row. Oddly, after a break from regular riding, the legs didn’t moan at me at all. They were glad to be out again even if my head didn’t necessarily want it at first. Even the breeze that was in my face was friendly as it kept things cool ride in to work. As I was riding the byeways and bridleways, I stopped for brekkie and enjoyed the peace and warm morning sunshine.

Work was uneventful until I heard that a colleague had dislocated her shoulder on her day off. I went up to the ED to scold her for wasting an annual leave day by spending it at work. I was later than planned leaving and on impulse decided to take the same route back that I did on the fateful day of my own injury.

I gingerly dawdled through the puddles where I came a cropper nearly a month ago but patted myself on the back for getting through that particular mind f*©K. Another reminder of riding in the warm weather was the bugs finding my eyes on a regular occurrence. I’d forgotten this consequence of riding along trail walled with hedgerows. The stinging sweat dribbled into my eyes as I rumbled over flint trails on a humid evening, glad to be out despite the insects and my excessive pores. That’s the reason I don’t go with eyewear-they just cloud up due to the sweat.

Yesterday was a rest day but I was restless. I had 2 days to kill before the world cup final and didn’t really know what to do with myself. Getting wound out by the British media building the English up didn’t help. I’ve seen it before every 4 years in football, only for them to lose a critical match to extinguish the nation’s hopes. In contrast, we (NZ) are flying under the radar and I’m happy about that-we never do well as favourites…

Today I did Dad chores, cleaned the floors, did the washing and fixed the roof rails onto the camper in preparation for the camping trip in Normandy next month. I had to keep busy and pay it forward for sitting in front of the TV watching the final. I rode up to the local nursery to buy some plants for the hanging baskets. Only a month late but I was obeying orders and had to stay busy (I can’t stand the anticipation of this match tomorrow, I really can’t).

Tomorrow is a rest day. After then, it will be business as usual…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to #53

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Um, they sell foil-wrapped lens cleaners. Rip one open and clean your glasses when the sweat gets too thick to see through. Or carry a little cleaning cloth in your back pocket. Squirt some H2O from your bottle on the lenses, shake them off and wipe ’em down.

    Way better than bugs, or bees, in the eyes.

  2. biking2work says:

    Nope! Too much hassle mid ride to deal with that. It’s enough for me to reach in my back pocket for a snack!😂. They will just fog over again so what’s the point? The bugs are the less of the 2 evils for me anyway. Bees and wasps always end up flying through the holes in my lid-it’s the smaller ones that can be a pain in the, er, eye

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