#54 & #55

My tech has dislocated her shoulder and is away from work for a week. So I rode in to work after dropping the boys off at school to get the pig belly out of the freezer to thaw and prep the following day for surgical skills teaching. I was horribly hungover from medicating by disappointment over our “loss” at Lords the previous evening. The match was tied, the super over tie breaker was tied but England won on a count back of number of boundaries hit. It was bitter medicine but what a match of cricket and befitting of a world cup final!

Meat thawed, I rode home along the river trying to process my emotions stopping for a snack along the way. Dog walked, I jumped back on the bike and rode back to the van to collect the boys. A Strava app shutdown robbed me of a couple of km.

I drove to work he following day and felt dirty. Despite tired legs again this morning headed in early to prepare fake cysts (toothpaste in finger ends of gloves) in the thawed meat and help with some training in the children’s ED. Again, I was robbed but this time of 6km. I only noticed when I stopped for a breather at a farm gate. 0.1km in 19minutes is not a great speed so I started the recording again. Ordinarily I would add further distance onto my route but I was time pressured. Such was my acceptance of Sunday’s result, I was more cheesed off at being robbed of ~ 8km.

I left work at 2.30 to make my fracture clinic appointment. I chose the river trail which was warm, humid and bumpy. It was also peaceful with only a couple walkers not hearing my bell as I approached from behind. I was expecting to be told off for being a silly boy for riding my bike with a broken finger. The surgeon congratulated me for choosing early rehab-it needs to bend more. It doesn’t need surgery but needs hand therapy. This isn’t as erotic as it sounds.

I have to make regular appointments with an occupational therapist and do bending exercises if I am to get full range of movement back. If I am good, apparently it will take 3-4 months. Which will mean that I can hold a bat in time for pre season training but my playing days are over for 2019.

Apart from backyard test cricket. The benefit of having live cricket on the TV again is that the boys have become more engaged and want to play more on the worn out lawn. I jumped back on the 29er and ambled along some off road routes home, avoiding rush hour chaos. Again it was peaceful but this time devoid of other trail users.

Tomorrow, rain is forecast in the morning but I’m hoping to miss it…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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