I didn’t miss the rain. It was light but bearable. After taking the dog for a forrest frolic early doors, I took the boys in to school. It had started to rain lightly. By the time I dropped them off, it was heavier. I made the decision to drive to the cricket club and do a short route from there, hoping that the rain would stop in the interim.

It didn’t but it was lighter. It was the kind of constant light rain that is barely noticeable when it is hitting from behind. But it was in my face the whole way. Which is OK when I am on my way home but when it’s on the way to work, horrible.

After only 8km, I arrived wetter than a whales wallet. I squelched my way to the shower only to find that I had forgotten my socks. So I squeezed out the dirty moisture from my cycling socks and put them back on and then squelched back to my office. As the day wore on, my office smelt like the sweaty humid mess of an after match rugby changing room as I endeavoured to dry out my kit on the radiator. Thankfully I am by myself this week so no one else had to put up with it.

After finishing late after a poorly organised but successful mock OSCE, I was spent and was happy that I only had a short ride back to the van. I was also happy that the slowly setting sun occasionally kept me company, peeping through the gaps in the low cloud.

But truthfully, I wasn’t actually happy, just content in a thank God that day is over! kind of way. I had been grumpy, angry even, all day. Nothing went my way from when I was woken by a bent broken finger 45 minutes before my alarm. Its been a long day full of frustration, disappointment and anxiety. All the way back I was cursing at cars and inattentive peds too engrossed in their mobile devices to give a s#¡T about anyone else. I cut my ride short even though my legs wanted more.

But at least now, my glass is half full.

Of Sauvignon Blanc…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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