Summer was still here yesterday morning. The sky was blue and the temperature in the mid 20s. It was forecast to be warmer today but the ride in felt cooler due to the breeze. After yesterday’s success, I started off road again. Bunny rabbits scattered, birds sang and squirrels scuttled as I bounced through Hatfield Forrest. But indecision bursted in on my reverie as I reached the gate to the road. More off road would mean following yesterday’s route. Boring. I went for a bit on road while I decided which way. By the time I reached the level train crossing which was down, my choice was made so I hopped onto the river trail and clattered along, not quite happy with my choice. I wanted flat and smooth, not rutted bumpy.

So I hopped onto the roads again and resisted the temptation for a coffee stop. There was no need to get in to work on time but I was cruising with little apparent effort so why stop? I asked myself. I passed a couple of cars backed up at traffic lights who had passed me earlier (I love doing that) then smugly jumped onto the smoother part of the river trail. There were lot more runners and dog walkers than usual to avoid. Maybe they were avoiding the later heat-less traffic on the trails later I hoped.

I spent a lot of the day listening to the Test from Lords while organising and setting the foundations for a Trauma course. This also included some route plotting home. I can waste a lot of time doing this so the only pre requisite was a pub stop somewhere half way. It was hot and it felt like Friday. Every day this week has felt like a Friday but it was my last commute for the week and if I left early enough, I could take my time. I left early enough and it was just as well as, exploring a previously unknown bridleway that took me to the perimeter of Hunsdon airfield. This was quite exciting for a person who spent a lot of his pocket money on making model aeroplanes. I rattled over the disintegrating concrete roads happy that the airfield is still being used by light aircraft and tried to imagine them being Mosquitos.

De Hallivand Mosquito. Hunsdon airfield was the operational base for these aircraft in Operation Jericho. Picture sourced from http://www.aviation-history.com/dehavilland/mosquito.html

And then I kind of sort of got lost. By lost, I mean that I knew where I was but didn’t know how to get where I wanted to go. So I crawled along the perimeter of a wheat field, found a bridleway and made it to the Queens Head in Allens Green.

I waited out a thunderstorm that edged its way around me in the beer garden with a 2nd pint and a Bohemian Rhapsody earworm. This accompanied me as I headed home in the cooler air that the storm had created.

Blonde beer replacement protocol

Before long the air was again thick with humidity and the sun was out. I stopped again in the Forest to have a banana and gorge myself on the rest of my water before continuing home. The heat and humidity had sapped me of energy and it was all I could do to sit passively on the BBQ table throwing balls for the dog to chase as I cooled down in the evening air.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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