I am in the middle of a couple of busy work days before we head over to France and was always going to ride. But I realised that I had to attend an 8pm management meeting at the cricket club. There is no way that I wanted to ride home at 11pm and get 5-6 hours sleep before repeating my ride again. I’ve become used to getting more sleep per week during these holidays and don’t want to slide back into the habit of existing on 6hrs a night. I have realised that this conspires to help make me seem a bit, well, grumpy.

So I drove 12km to the club, parked up and turned the remaining 8km into 11km. Starting on the busy road down to the river path, I encountered the omnipresent close passers, often only gaining an extra 10 or so seconds. Losers…Then I caught up with a slow rider in front of me along the river path. She didn’t hear me and the path was too narrow to pass but I was content to slow down. After all, I was only going to work. I contented myself looking at the river life. A canal boat here, some water fowl there and look, a sculpture in the water!

There was a bird sitting on the wing of this eagle but it didn’t want it’s photo taken so flew off before I could snap it

She turned off and I sped up into a nice rhythm only to be slowed by a couple of joggers. I waited until it was safe to pass rang my bell, thanked them and said a cheery “good morning” & headed towards work. I wasn’t bothered about being held up for a today.

Today was medical induction day. The day when new Doctors start and attend a day of introductions, learning the multiple software applications, getting parking permits, IT passwords and the like. Even when things run well like today, there is alway a lot to do. Mainly directing the lost to the appropriate room and answering queries. But there is always a free buffet lunch.

This was supposed to be lunch and dinner but was famished so hoovered the lot

After settling in a late afternoon class, I distracted myself from doing some mandatory e-learning and plotted an extended route back to the van. I set off in the warm and windy evening looking forward to a nice countryside ramble.

And that’s what I got. As well as getting a little lost. I prefer to call it “exploring” and I found some more bridleways for another day. I passed fields of harvested wheat and hay, a sure sign that summer is nearing its end.

A field of giant haystacks

I found more shelter from the blowy stuff in the hedgerows. I endured a tortuous meeting and drove home ready to ride another day.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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