I got 4hrs 53min sleep according to my Fitbit when I woke Friday morning. It felt less. My legs were willing but my head was clouded in a foggy tired haze. I did an easy pedal into work on autopilot, lost in the mental checklist. When/what/were to pack into the roof cargo carrier later.

I was rudely awoken by the cc express truck who gave my right leg a close shave as the driver passed me to avoid oncoming traffic. On national cycle to work day if you please! If he waited another 30 seconds (that’s about 200metres at my speed) he could have given me plenty of room. I sent them an email that evening to remind the driver with a link attached to the relevant section of the Highway Code…

Work was the usual pre holiday chaos of organising $h¡T€ for the week away. Thank goodness my tech is back to deal with it while I am away. She is BOSS at dealing with what I forget. It was a semi extended back but too extended as I left later than planned.

My legs were tired but my head wanted more for the afternoon. The byeways and bridleways offered brief relapse of pre holiday packing worries as the crosswind distracted me from remembering to pack the cutlery, corkscrew and plates pack. The sun and warmth made it a bearable ride before the packing nightmare made bearable by an increasingly helpful master14. He is becoming a chip off the old block. Thanks son-YOU are BOSS!

In the morning we would head for the ferry on our Normandy camping adventure, sans cutlery/corkscrew/plates…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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