5GNiN #2

After a full day of rearranging tent aspect and visiting le Supermarche, the boys explored the swimming pools and the grown ups + the dog the windswept beach.

La grand plage

I was also introduced to Rummy, a card game that was to come in handy over the coming watery days. The following day was master12s birthday. We celebrated with a drive down to Ravenoville beach for moules Normande, frites, burgers and canard. “Les Cabines” is very much off the well beaten tourist trail and we found a real gem away from the crowds. The plentiful moules had complimentary crabs to add texture in a wonderful garlic sauce. This is near the northen most of the landing beaches so I had a bottle of Utah IPA brewed in nearby Sainte Mere Eglise.There are many reminders of what happened here 75 years ago and all credit to the French for remembering not only their liberation but the sacrifice of many from other countries to achieve it. After a wander along that beach we headed back for body surfing at camp. I have never had a dip in the Atlantic and had a good time so sat this one out by practicing my throwing arm with our eager greyhound/Labrador cross instead.The following day was more swimming pool and beach as we made the most of the dry weather but I awoke at 2 a.m. with the sound of the forecast rain pit patting with increasing intensity. With the weather staying moist, we made the decision that this was a visit somewhere day so drove across to Bayeux for a look. On the way we passed through Briquebec.

Not on the TdF this year but probably a local criterium

We found a car park on the outskirts of town and endured a moist 1km walk to the cathedral where we had a look and ate toasted sandwiches for lunch. Mrs B2W then went to see the tapestry and, as dogs are not allowed, I explored the nooks and crannies on foot along the cobbled canal side of this medieval town. I suspect that it was quieter than usual due to the rain and if the weather had been better I may not have found it as enchanting as I did.

Inside Bayeux Cathedral

Looking up the canal

Mill on the canal

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2 Responses to 5GNiN #2

  1. biking2work says:

    Absolutely! A wonderful place to visit. Already forming a mini bike tour plan in my head after seeing a couple of bikes on the Normandy Express

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