5GNiN #4

I had hoped to hire a bike at the campsite but was devastated they didn’t do that. Everyone is BYO bike here and there are many different types on show. Before the trip, I had visions of riding up to a boulangerie to collect brekkie. It turns out that the only boulangerie is 4km up the hill in Les Pieux-Le Rozel is sans boulangerie. The beach trail heading south would also make a good early morning spin on the 29er although the sandy trail would be hard going. Maybe next time…

While I miss riding, I suspect that the onshore wind and rain would make things less romantic. This was my 1st injury free sub 100km week this year and my 3rd overall.

So I made do with admiring others’ bikes and having brief conversations about riding and bikes in general for those who could speak English. Which weren’t many. I took a few snaps of them. I was drawn to the variety and uses. I really wish that I had taken mine but doing this was the next best thing.

This Jan Janssen was easily my favourite. It was a reminder of my uncles Peugeot-down tube shifters, handle brakes…my memories of the paper round in the ‘80s came flooding back

City bikes on the back of a camper

A recumbent e-bike on the beach. We followed the owner on this doing 25mph the previous day

Parked on the beach

The cute mini caravan was the real star of this pic. Love how they use the front to carry the bikes

These were parked up at the D-Day experience. I really want to do touring one day

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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