A pain in the neck

After spending the weekend in bed in an opiate/alcohol fuelled haze in front of the Ashes and Netflix, this week has been sheer bloody hell. Not because of the pain from a compressed nerve somewhere in my neck/back but because I wasn’t able to ride in what seems to be the last throes of summer. I felt dirty driving to and from work as I had planned to ride in 3 days this week. The weather was glorious, my mood not so due to feeling of missing out. Missing out on another 100km week and paying for petrol and parking (estimated to be £18).

Nevertheless, I am grateful to be able to watch 2 seasons of Mindhunter and witness a wonderful Test match of ebb, flow, drama and emotion without the guilt that I should really be engaged in house chores & Dad jobs.

I went to see the physio today who used to race bikes in the 80s and now runs. He has a Roberts racing bike, a track bike frame and a tandem that him and his wife towed their daughter around France on. He has cycling in his DNA and while he manipulated and inspected my back, we swapped biking stories and views on safety for an hour.

He thinks that the problem may have arisen from my broken finger. By favouring my right hand with the offending finger my spine may have aligned itself differently to adjust with my grip. Ergo, a compressed nerve somewhere between C7-T6 vertebrae affecting my left shoulder. He sent me on my way with exercises to retrain my spine but best of all, gave me to date the best advice of any health professional that I have ever received:

“Don’t stop what you normally do!”

So tomorrow morning I am riding in to town to pick up a couple of spare tubes for the 29er with a 10% off voucher followed by playing in the last club cricket match of the season.

This week has the potential to end without sheer bloody hell. I am looking forward to finding out…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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6 Responses to A pain in the neck

  1. I’ve had the same advice and often it’s true that not biking is worse than biking with some discomfort. But if biking = suffering then what is the equivalent of not biking? Resting and another kind of suffering maybe? Keep it up if you can, and if you can’t, take a break until it’s well enough you won’t cause any permanent damage is kind of my rule of thumb. Will it hurt? Yep. Will you go stir-crazy, and kg’s, and otherwise not be well sitting on your arse? All good questions. Also, what is Test match?

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