As instructed by my physio the day before, I did not stop doing what I do. While Mrs B2W was out doing a half marathon training run, I rode in to town.

First was to my park and ride supermarket to get some cash. I could’ve gone the direct route to do this in the town centre but the weather was a nice sunny, warm and dry kind of day. Then I rode to the high street and treated myself to a couple of spare tubes for the 29er. I discovered that a pin that I keep in my puncture repair tin had escaped and pierced the spare one in my saddle bag. I also forgot that I had another one inside the house so I am now prepared for winter.

Then I pedalled up to another supermarket and got some provisions before heading down to Wickes for a metal drill piece. Some time ago, the bolt that holds the bottle bracket snapped off but I did nothing about it out of laziness. I just used the bracket for my tool keg that I lost at an organised ride a couple of years ago. Now, as I wanted to fit a frame bag, I have to make room for both so drilled out the screw and replaced the bracket. The frame bag now holds my spare tube, pump, levers, allen multi tool thingy, a couple of flat spanners and puncture repair tin (sans pin). I’ll get another tool keg sometime to complete the set up.

Since my neck problem, I decided to try backpack free, or a least 30L capacity backpack free. Like adding another lane adds more cars to the motorway, so having a larger pack pack adds a weight burden to carry. So I purchased a 10L waterproof tail bag that will double as a rear mudguard. I used this to squash 1kg of oats, 2 boxes of muesli bars, a box of pain killers, 2 MTB tubes and a drill piece. There was room to spare. I felt the extra weight going up the hills but it is better for my back this way and I could feel the calories leaking out of me.

My shoulder felt that riding a bike was a pretty stupid idea. It was OK on the smoother surfaces but it hurt on the rougher trails as I bumped along. Probably the extra tension from gripping the bars tight to stay upright. I paid attention and held tighter on the right with some relief but when I finished, the pain was the same had I not gone out. Along with my 10L backpack, I think that I have found a sensible solution.

Cricket is also what I do. I played the last game of the season. It was the first time that I had held a bat in anger for 8 weeks. I haven’t trained either, felt rusty and should’ve been out caught before I had scored. The bowling was not great and I survived to score 98 before I missed a straight one and got out with a couple of overs to go. Batting was not a problem but bowling was. Every time I brought my front shoulder down in the delivery, my shoulder shouted B@$T@®D!!! at me.

But I am in no more pain now than I was at the same time yesterday. Proof that exercise is not harmful and an argument to use on the days when I simply cannot be bothered.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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