Sleeveless September

We had a family outing planed Saturday afternoon following a morning of helping out the sis in law by towing a trailer from A to B. But she couldn’t do the morning for some reason so I had time on my hands. I used it wisely, attacking a lump of ironing in front of the NRL while master14 took the dog out for a run and MrsB2W did a half marathon training run. Then I shaved the lawn within an inch of its life under a gradually warming cloudless sky. After that, I had an opportunity…Instead of getting coffee while we’re out, I could pop up the road on the bike and do that while getting 100 miles for the week under my belt. It’ll only take 30 minutes and will be good to be out in the sunshine I thought. I slapped on my vest to get the last of the summer sun on my arms, checked the tyre pressure and headed out with the sun at its peak in the sky.

Not exactly cycling specific but the last chance that I’ll get to wear this for the summer-probably

Except that the Flitch Way would be shrouded in shadow. Nope, I’ll go the long way on the roads and get a bit more in. At the turn off to the shop, I wondered whether they would have the right beans or just ground. Nope, I’ll go a bit further to the supermarket and avoid disappointment. I ambled along the roads soaking in the sunshine and warmth. Well, relative warmth at 19°C but the wind was light and behind me. Wednesday morning was a distant memory in my zone. Coffee procured, I made my way back and took the off road route back home for lunch, an 8km errand turned into 24km. Last September, I rode sleeveless into work. Saturday I realised that ain’t gonna happen this year so I did the next best thing and made use of a small window of opportunity. A happy day.

I rested my cycling legs on Sunday and played cricket instead. The drive down to East Sussex was worth it for the last game of the season.

Mayfield cricket club. They’ve sold the ground to pay for the development of another larger ground nearby. The buyers are going to build houses on it-such a shame that a piece if history will be lost in the name of finding space for people to live

Today, Monday I noticed that a rear tyre on the van was half full. There was a screw embedded in it but there was no way that I was gonna move it for fear of releasing the presumed tamponade. After the school drop off, I left it at the garage and rode home with an almost immediate rubbing sound on my chain ring. The rear gear cable had come loose and it got chewed up.

The gears didn’t work so I stomped my way home to the earworm if Stompin’ at the Savoy by Benny Goodman. After some research and reading my bike repair book, I brought a cable and cable cutters on-line, squeezed in a dog walk and started some house chores before heading back to the garage to collect the van.

The screw was smack bang in the middle of the tyre so it was a quick fix and re-seal and cost £18, £3 less than the cable and cutters! I had planned longer rides today as am forced to drive tomorrow. So I slipped in another 4km up to the supermarket once parked in a premium space by the school. At 30km it’s 20km less than I wanted but I’m sure that I’ll have fun later this week making up for it.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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