It was sunny without a cloud in the sky this morning and no hint of a wind. But it was cold, 6°C cold. But 2 out of 3 isn’t bad for a September morning. At least the sun would give me the impression of warmth until things got balmy into the ride. I layered for the temperature with merino under my long sleeve fleece lined winter top this time and dug out the winter gloves. I still wore bib shorts but covered them with a pair of MTB shorts-apart from headwinds, my legs don’t complain unless it gets down to 0.

And off I went on the crosser. I picked up a new gear cable for the 29er yesterday but cut the outer casing too short. I have gone back to the bin to use the previous one as a guide for another one. I should’ve watched that GCN before I started but I guess that I like doing things the hard way.

I tried to take roads less travelled by cars and even took some gravel but there were still some entitled clowns passing me head on at speed along single lane roads. Hopefully the last 3 still have my DNA on them from the copious amounts of phlegm that I produced in the cool morning air. I arrived to rapturous applause from my fingers for acting on my learning from last week.

The tail bag really is really versatile. The DIY champagne cork bar plug fell out on the way home.

I just had to make the most of the late evening sun and instructions to make a family meeting before bed time. It’s time that the climate of pre teen entitlement in our house is addressed…

I stopped by the bike shop and bought a bottle cage to complete the tool keg set up on the crosser and another cable outer casing. The warmth was long gone by the time I got home but I was treated to a magnificent sunset all the same. It was too cold to muck about with a photo.

Once home, I moved like a pro and replaced the gear cable on the 29er, checked the gear index and put it back in the shed for a morning of adventure on tomorrows journey in to work. I was so slick that Mrs B2W didn’t even notice that I did it in the lounge while she finished off a board game with the boys in the kitchen. I am not sure what I should be more proud of; the fact that I changed my first gear cable in 15min or that I got away with maintenance on my bike in the hallowed space of the lounge!

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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