It was cool on the way in but a windy cool. The mild easterly is usually my advance sign of bad cycling weather to come in the following days. I didn’t have much on at work in the morning so again decided to stretch things out and arrive acceptably late. In no hurry, I joined up a few regular routes going where the wheels wanted. A lane bunking off down a trail to the river, into town. Too busy. Up to more country roads taking another scenic route. Some gravel on a farm road; bumpy, compacted soil on another. There will be plenty of opportunity over the next 6 months to avoid the sticky, sloppy muddy trails spitting mud into my face, spraying it up my back.

It was pleasant deviating from one route to another. Keeping things fresh, like the wind. Work came all too quick. After yesterday’s mayhem, everything went according to plan and I could escape while it was still mild and the sun high enough to give me the illusion of warmth.

Aforementioned easterly was now stronger and irritatingly across me. I plodded along the river battling for a rhythm. When I came out to the busy road I decided to go left and let it push me up the hill. I stopped for the traffic to pass and unslipped my phone from the back pocket to pause Strava. Except that there was no app running. GPS signal/AI brain fart shutdown. I had lost 3km. While cursing my slavery to distance goals near the business end of the year, I plotted a longer route to make up for it. I was gonna make my 2nd weekly imperial ton TODAY. There would be no time Saturday or Sunday, it had to be now!

So I hugged the kerb estimating a revised route home trying to add as much off road as possible. The rush hour traffic, equally keen to start the weekend was impatient. It ended up being another agreeable ride, again because of no time pressure but also due to the combined nature of usual routes and quiet roads. I really must try to start earlier so that I can take my time if I want to.

I made the imperial ton and my legs were thankful of at least a day off the bike in return.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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