LFS day

My usual routine was thrown out of whack by a flat battery in the van this morning. So I sent the boys to the bus stop after scraping enough cash for the fare and did an on-line search for chargers before jumping on the bike to town to collect one.

Looking at the forecast for later in the week, I made sure that it was a longish spin in the sun. I was so thrown out that I didn’t really want to be around any more driving dolts than I needed to be. So I went mostly on gravel and farm tracks. Twice the distance but less danger.

It was just as well. It was national Lazy Finger Syndrome day today. Many drivers just couldn’t get their indicator to operate when signalling their intention to turn. By the time that I arrived in town, my head was clear and was focussed on riding defensively anyway so I felt safe.

I collected the charger and some groceries before riding through a not yet complete new housing development to the north of town. One road had a barrier up so I jumped on the pavement to bypass it. This woke the workman staffing it and he shouted after me to stop. STOP?! No way. I continued on down the road towards an imagined danger and ducked through to a track taking me to a familiar trail and onto some back lanes.

I ambled around towards home being tailgated by an important Landrover on a single lane road. I eventually let him pass me by pulling over but I got no thanks. I caught up with him waiting at a T-junction, sprayed some DNA on his back door and nipped into traffic. He hadn’t caught me up by the time I turned into a road 1km later. Bike avenger strikes again…

Shortly after I passed a group of 3 blokes stopped on the pavement out like me on their MTBs. A cheery, “morning!” was met with a stony silence and filthy looks. I think that at least one of them was having a bad day. A puncture maybe?

After 40 km, I made base and attached my new toy to the battery while I walked the pooch. Hopefully I won’t need it again for a long time…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to LFS day

  1. capejohn says:

    Lazy Finger Syndrome day. That’s rich.
    A cheery, “morning!” was met with a stony silence and filthy looks. Oh, poor babies having a bad day? As Ricky Gervais would say. “Cunts.”

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