It was a clear morning, 12°C and perfect with a couple of layers and shorts. Perfect too for going where the wheels wanted to take me. I took the 29er, perfect for avoiding the busy rush hour roads. I connected routes by riding lanes and trails as the sluggish morning sunrise illuminated my way.

There was nothing pressing at work apart from a yearly appraisal and some training with the Paediatric team after lunch so I could take my time. Which I did, lost in my thoughts, occasionally slowing to decide on the next turning option. Given the recent rain that we have had (most of September’s average in 2 days apparently), the trails were surprisingly firm and still bumpy. The options for the return would be plentiful.

After charging the lights, I had a look at my 360° feedback to prep for the appraisal. But it never happened. My line manager, a consultant surgeon wasn’t saving a life in surgery but meeting the A®$€-hat UK Prime Minister instead.

Showers were forecast when I left. I waited one out before heading out on a mild but windy evening. The sun was out so I decided on a lazy off road amble, again where the wheels would take me. I wanted to go by the airfield to assess how wet it had got. Things were wet, firm with no puddles.

Then I got ambushed by a sudden shower. I hadn’t seen it coming because I had a tailwind and I had my waterproof on top so it was OK . Such is riding between seasons that I had my blinkies on in poor visibility caused by the rain in front while the setting sun behind me was gleaming in the reflection from the bell on my handlebar. Yes, I have a bell, necessary equipment for riding on shared paths.

So 53km for 2 rides, not bad for a 39km round trip going nowhere in particular except to and from work…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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