The actual cost

I was woken early this morning. Instead of getting up to watch the Rugby World Cup and keeping the dog company, I browsed on my phone from the comfort of my bed and eventually came across a post that I saved by JulesPRichards. On this, he shows his maths on what he saves per bike commute. I got wondering what my savings are. I go further than he does so I wondered what I actually benefit financially over and above enjoying the best part of my working day. I had previously estimated this to be £9.50 per round trip.

I drive a Ford Freda camper, 1st cousin of the Mazda Bongo.

It has a 2.5litre petrol engine, average fuel consumption = 25miles per gallon.

  • We are extorted/buy petrol per litre in the UK, currently £1.34 per litre.
  • There are ~4.5 litres per gallon.
  • Looking on Google maps, my drive to work is 12 miles, a 24 mile round trip.
  • That works out to 4.36 litres or £5.84 per trip plus £2.50 for the privilege of parking at work for the day. So each drive commute is £8.34 spent in petrol.

Given that I have done 76 commutes, this comes to a petrol and parking saving of £636.84. Although to be fair, not all of my commutes in bad weather are the full distance as I drive part of the way. I have better things to do than work that out but petrol and parking savings are only a part of the story. There is also vehicle wear and tear, another simple calculation according to WhatPrice.

Annual running cost (service, replacement parts)/ annual car mileage x100.

It was an expensive year, replacing 4 tyres and the head gasket so this will not be a true reflection of a regular year. So I have worked out a 3 year cost and here it is:

  • £2210 / 34, 000 x 100= 6.5p/mile.

If this cost of wear and tear per mile were applied to how many miles that I did not travel by car (24 x 76 = 1824), then it looks like I have saved the B2W Exchequer around another £118.60 so far this year.

So that’s £745.44 in total.

Take away what I have spent on accessories, repairs and the like:

  • Monthly salary sacrifice (clothing, components and tyres £21 x 9 = £189
  • Tubes £8
  • Over the counter accessories £30

Total = £227 leaving a net saving of £518 + a little change and that’s only for 75% of the year so far.

I am planning on using some of this windfall on more base layers in preparation for the colder months as well as replacing the cassette, chain ring and chain on the 29er as well as the necessary tools to get the job done. Or pay someone to do it for me, I’m not sure. Either option relies on paying extra or finding the time to muddle my way through it.

What is good is that I am N+1 which means that I can still ride while one bike is in repair.

To put the savings simply, each journey saves £8.34 on petrol and £1.56 on wear and tear. £9.90 so my original estimate was not far off…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to The actual cost

  1. theandyclark says:

    You are probably underestimating the maintenance costs savings, but still a good estimate.

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