Another actual cost

Master12 had a sore throat so was off school today but I still did a few errands using the bike after dropping master14 at school. I stopped by at everyone’s favourite German supermarket and bought a couple of merino socks, base layers, some degreaser and a can of GT85.

Cheap, warm and functional from Aldi

About 2km from home, I stopped for a drink and banana and chatted with a couple of policemen patrolling the Flitch Way on their Giant hybrid bikes. They were riding between Stansted and Dunmow as there have been reports of a naked man appearing in front of female walkers and runners. I told them about people riding motorbikes up and down and that we have reported them and was told to record it and they’ll have a look.

We parted ways after I warned them that our dog will shout her encouragement from our back garden as they pass in another 2km. After exercising the pooch and watching a disappointing Samoa lose to an excellent and well drilled Scotland, it was time to head back to collect the van and master14.

On the way, I kicked myself for forgetting to include my Monday rides in my last post. I avoid making 2 trips to and from school in the van by parking at the supermarket, riding home and riding back at pick up time. Based on the same calculations, avoiding one 8.4mile round trip (including wear and tear) saves £2.56 a time.

I’ve looked on my Strava training log and have done 18 of these trips so far this year. That paid for the stuff that I bought today so I am still £518 in the black. Even better is that if I buy the much needed components on the salary sacrifice scheme and replace them myself, the monthly cost will be offset by 1 week of riding to work for 3 days of the week. I am in love with the sustainability of it all as well as the fun.

I just have to get my head around being certain what to buy before the end of October when the scheme closes. So I’ll be researching single chain sets, 11 speed cassettes, chains and compatibilities. I need a new obsession now that I’ve scratched that itch of working out my savings…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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