Through the window forecasts aren’t always the most accurate where I live. Our house is sheltered from the wind and even an early walk along the Flitch with the dog did not warn me of the 15mph SW headwind that was to come after I dropped the boys off. I gave the legs a reward for last nights torture by parking up at the cricket club and riding from there.

The wind felt stronger than the “moderate” forecast and it was cold. But I dressed right and decided on a detour to the LBS to get some advice and a quote for components and work. Lee Valley Cycles. What a treasure trove of knowledge, and advice. You don’t get that on the interweb. I was quoted £270 for a 10 speed cassette, chain, single ring at the front, new shifter and labour. I processed the quote through the salary sacrifice bike to work scheme and added a couple of tyres for good measure.

After an afternoon of interviewing and an evening of mock clinical exams, I discovered that both had been approved. That will work out to £28 out of the monthly pay packet. All I have to do is ride to/from work 3 times in a month to pay for that. Easy peasy.

It was late when I finished and headed out into the dark with a threat of light rain about. I stuck to the shortest route possible, hugging the river path and coasting up the hill with the help of a fine tail wind. It was also mild giving me quite a bead on with just a base layer and changing seasons jacket. I would have to get my toes out to count the number of days since I felt this warm up top on a ride.

How long the mild temperature stays is uncertain but at this time of year it usually means wet stuff falling from the sky. And sure enough, it looks like there is a high risk of showers all day tomorrow. I think that I’ll guts it out-the reward will be a stronger tail wind to carry me home.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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