#84 & #85

I headed out early into the gloom on Tuesday with full beam on and rain jacket for the forecast light showers. Guess what? It was patchy drizzle for 5km and the rest was a nice SE breeze. Across me, not enough to spoil a rhythm and oh so very mild. Work was exhausting and involved A LOT of walking but the legs, invigorated by coffee and a light tailwind drove me home. It was cool and clear. The night sky shone down on the fluency of my cadence.

This morning was cool, sunny, bright. I stopped to take a couple of pics of some cyclamen on a stony path in front of a shed or garage.

Lovely morning out on the country lanes.

I spotted them a month ago but it has always been too dreary, wet or cold to do them justice with my phone camera. I made the most of the sunshine and took my time. The roads were a little bumpy but I missed the bumpier parts as the deeper hollows were full of water and avoided. The he bridleways sloppy and bumpiest-I couldn’t avoid the depressions so plunged through them. I arrived at work covered in splatter with more badass points in the bank.

Riding along the river path and through puddles on the way home I had choices:

  • Go the quick route through more splatter and then share the busy road with the big bad motor vehicles.
  • Ride the mornings route in reverse and fall off trying to avoid as much splatter as possible in the dark.
  • Ride country lanes and join the big bad motor vehicles closer to the van.

I chose the latter. While I wasn’t expecting last nights epic, I didn’t want to slowly navigate the mire on bridleways in the pitch black. Nor did I want the hassle of any more road sharing than I needed to.

It was the right decision. There were 1,2 maybe 3 cars on the 10km back road route until I got to the big bad road. My only concern was avoiding badgers, foxes and rabbits, none of whom decided to scuttle across my beam. I was even afforded the view of a slow rising nearly full moon and slowed down to enjoy my grand horizon. You just don’t get that driving a car.

On the way, I cracked 5,000km for the year so far on the bike.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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