Despite only riding 22km yesterday, I was knackered this morning and in my usual mood of late to can the ride. Except that I couldn’t because we are skint and don’t have enough petrol in the van to get me there and back until pay day next week. So I jumped into the van with barely a sniff of sunlight at 06.15 and drove to the supermarket, parked up and started into what I assumed to be a week of chaos at work. I was cranky at the thought and hurled a couple of sarcastic insults at some inattentive drivers as I paced through the streets of St Michaels Mead toward the trails. These were sloppy and puddle infested, flicking fine mud over my face and backside. I could feel my worn tyres slide all over the sunken tracks. Again, I’m skint and waiting for the cycle to work voucher to purchase a new pair. Once I re-routed off the muddy stuff I found a decent rhythm in the still, cool air as the mist lifted closer to work.

As expected, work was chaotic with a demob happy under performing colleague being useless and another new colleague not coming a close 2nd of two in the Tuesday useless final. My take no prisoners approach was sensed by those whom it was directed at so the downward spiral of standards has been averted…or now (a lot can happen in 3 days).

But at least todays suffering was not long as I blew off early into a magnificently sunny mild day. Then I felt my left pedal loosen. I looked down-my crank arm was wobbling. I stopped to tighten it. It was OK for another couple of km but became loose again so again I stopped to tighten it. By the time that I got back toI the van, it needed mire tightening. Yep, I need a pair of new crank arms to go with the new chain set, bottom bracket, chain and cassette.

It’s worth mentioning that the cycle to awork scheme refused my order on the understanding that components do not comply with the legislation surrounding the ethos of the scheme. I’ve been debating this via email over the last week citing that other schemes nationally do allow this under the same legislation. They appear to beleive that I am rebuilding my bike and that I should buy another one. My counter argument is that I am replacing worn parts on the bike that I originally bought through the scheme. To buy a new one is tempting but wasteful and to rebuild it would mean new wheels, headset, saddle, seat post and brakes.

They have backed down but I cannot get what I need until the scheme re opens in November. Looks like I’ll be riding the crosser in for the forseeable future until the 29er has his overhaul.

It was a day of 1st world problems. Looking at what Turkey is doing in Syria and the surrounding politics, I think that I’ll take it.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Good Lord, man. I am ever more grateful our government doesn’t have a hand in my cycling. I redid the cockpit of the Trek last night. I bought the new handlebar last week, it shipped from Wisconsin on Wednesday. I picked it up Monday.

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