It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning, despite 7hrs sleep. What has happened to me? It can’t be age or lack of fitness surely! 2 years ago I could easily ride a 200km week and not feel this tired. The answer may be my TSH, the hormone that the pituitary gland reseases to stimulate an underactive thyroid gland to make more of its own hormones to regulate metabolism.

I had a pre health check blood test last week and this was the only result that came out as abnormal. While the level is “mildly” raised, the constant tiredness, low mood, constipation, low heart rate and postural hypotension are all symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland. Of importance is the their role in converting oxygen and calories into energy. I have not shifted any weight in spite of riding 100miles a week and eating healthy. To me that represents a net weight gain, another symptom. So I’m trying to pull some strings with the endocrinologists at work to get re-tested along with thyroid function tests before my health check in a weeks time to expedite the process.

An excellent cholesterol profile. According to the research, that’s what regular exercise does.

The ride in to work was another cool one. It’s down to 5°C in the mornings now. My legs sent out an urgent memo for the return of tights-they were proper cold three quarters into the ride. My upper half, luxuriating in 3 layers was nice and toasty; my head with cotton cap under the lid glad of the same.

Another day, another dollar, another hour wasted sorting out another cock up from someone else who is leaving. Don’t come back, we’ve changed the lock will be parting words (in my head). No doubt I’ll be picking up more pieces of his poor standards in the weeks to come. I just don’t understand how people deal with their conscience when they don’t reflect on feedback, how this affects others’ work life and how damaging it is to the team dynamic.

I stopped by the supermarket to get ingredients for some Anzac biscuits for his bring and share team farewell lunch.

Easy to make and very popular at work

I resisted the urge to replace the golden syrup with lactulose for his special batch to take home. I couldnt remember whether we had enough oats at home to packed a 1.5kg bag of jumbo oats into my back pack.

All the way home in the rain humping a heavy pack, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much inconvenience he has put me through and why he doesn’t deserve the departments finest home baked biscuits. But I came to the realisation that the lunch is more about the team than him, a chance to sit and enjoy each other again after a pretty awful month. Let it go…

I also realsied the pattern of this autumn weather. Cold, still and dry on the way to work. Wet, windy and mild on the way back. But always dark. If I had the choice of winter weather, it would be the mild rainy type. I have grown too sensitive to the cold whereas before I could put up with it. Another symptom of hypothyroidism.

Time to get me those blood tests and get to that 6,000km/100 commutes/365 rides target for the year…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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  1. Thanks for sharing. That’s a common condition many suffer from. It’s mostly addressed through medication (for life, unfortunately) though some alternative practitioners would have you believe you could avoid it by a super clean specific diet, cleansing, iodine, etcetera. If you were to go that route you should do that before the doctor puts you on the prescription. Also there is synthetic vs. natural. The latter has more of the components you need. But some doctors and insurances refuse to prescribe it. And growing thicker as we age is fairly inevitable for many, depending on genetics. I wish you luck with your health and continued riding.

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