Another struggle to get out of the sack this morning was followed by a nice mild ride in the mist with no wind. The permawet is here and I have now resigned myself to wet roads until April. When I got my bike out of the shed this morning, I found a hitcher on a rear spoke.

The snail managed to stay on until I wheeled my bike out to the front. He fell off just as I got my phone out

The ride was all about team work, give and take. Despite their tiredness, the legs obeyed magnificently to metronomically spin the pedals. It wasn’t particularly fast but faster than it felt. One of those just get me there rides, thighs groaning on the rises and rewarded for the effort by free wheeling down the hills. Although it was misty, there weren’t many drivers with lights on. When the weather gets bad, the dumbF*©K switch gets flicked on in those who have a pre determined tendency.

Work was another series of mini disasters, the latest 2:

  1. I can’t get the same tyres on the cycle to work scheme. The same tyres that I got last year on the same scheme.
  2. Because of law passed in 2014, as a foreigner, I need a biometric card to retain my right to work in UK and prove it if I want a new job. All that I need to do is fork out £230 & wait up to 12 weeks for an appointment to provide my data.

I would like to ‘u©K off to another country with a decent Prime Minister but driving is worse in NZ (apparently) and it might cost more…

The ride home was much the same as this morning. I have begun to realise that the pain of #69 may have been a watershed. Despite tired legs that would rather sit in the comfort of the drivers seat of a car or the carriage of a train, they put, shut up and performed with an heroic robotic desire to get the hell home.

Tomorrow they rest as I make my first trip of the month in the van to work. They derserve it…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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