Its the half term holidays so I did not get the regular rides in at the beginning of the week. Reasons:

  • I was not working on Tuesday so no commute.
  • I need a new chainset for the 29er so cannot ride that.
  • I turned 21 for the 31st time on Monday.

I ran out of time on my birthday and only managed 10km on a semi extended errand after taking the dog for a long muddy frolic around the forest on a cool, dry sunny day.

On Tuesday, the day was equally beautiful so I took the crosser for a spin but 5km out, the rear disc rotor started rubbing against the fitting. I stopped and tried swapping the pads over but it was worse so crawled home with a dark cloud over my head. I picked up a pair of brake pads in town later for the cost of a commute to and from work, replaced them and went for another ride into the closing day. I learnt a lot about mechanical disc brakes throughout the day and was pleased that I got it right first time-there was no rubbing. It was a grand 20km.

So this morning I was all fired up for a ride even though the forecast was for 3°C. effing cold is the technical term but at least it was still and dry. I only felt cold for the first couple of km as I warmed up under the winter jacket, cutting through the frigid air. For the first time since March I was in tights.

In another first in a while, the barriers were down at the Spellbrook level crossing. So I truned around and went 200m up the hill and back again. Apart from getting another cheaty bit of distance under the belt, it keeps me warm and usually passes enough time for the barriers to go up again. But today I got the timing all wrong and they went down again when I was too far away to get across. I repeated the process until I had done nearly a mile of up and down before the barriers went up again. While the roads were not as busy due to the school break but the usual close passing, speeding skullduggery was still there.

Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, even leaving work early will be in the dark for another 6 depressing months. I hate riding in the winter…Tonight was another robotic, perfunctory trip. Colder than the morning. Dark. No picturesque views of the rolling countryside on a sunny, warm evening to take my mind off the struggle.

But tomorrow is another day. These rides never repeat themselves and at the moment I can’t see myself facing a winter of boredom on a trainer going nowhere in particular. We’ll see…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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