For as long as the cold weather hit me this autumn, I have struggled with the necessary motivation. Not just to commute but to ride in general. After last week I was a bit fed up. I only went for an elongated errand ride on Saturday to get me to the weekly metric ton target. Then Monday, I felt a bit under the weather so easily talked myself out of it and justified my inactivity with a couple of hours ironing in front of WWI documentaries instead. Tuesday, a regular commute day was canned as I was unsure when I was finishing work and therefore not sure if I would be at school to collect the boys so I drove. To be honest, the forecast was cold anyway with a bit of wet and wind forecast. In the summer, it would be a no brainer-ride and meet the boys in town later than usual.

Today was a must ride day. Aim for at least half of my weekly target. The forecast was for more cold but still and dry. I layered up and hit the lanes and trails. I have been inspired by Jim’s tales of gravel grinding of late. Doris is a crosser/adventure/gravel bike with commuter tyres. The gravel tyres wear quickly on mostly road riding. It was time to give her a taste of some trails albeit a bit slow as I didn’t want too much of the slipping and sliding in the sloppy muddy bits.

I was hopeful of some autumn colour to warm me so headed east so once the sun lifted over the low cloud on the horizon it would be more of less behind me to shine a light on the near peak of season countryside colour. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was an epic ride. Epic in terms of scenery and length rather than speed as I didn’t want to burn all of my matches and tire myself out for the rest of the week. I try to do this on a Friday on the way home in the summer when the days are long and warm-there are plenty of country pubs with beer gardens to refuel on the way…

It would’ve been recorded as a longer ride had Strava not lost signal AGAIN.

When press “OK”, my device tells me that location services ARE enabled

I reckon that I have been robbed of 100km so far this year because if this problem.

So another day facilitating learning in the service of those who care for the sick and needy ended. Out into the cold very dark and night time I went. Wary that I may have burnt all of my matches, I decided on a shorter route to limit the pain if this was so. In the end, I had nearly used the whole box but not quite and nailed 52km/32 miles for the day. At 1°C, it was OK, no different to the 4°C that I was worried would be my limit last week.

With my location services switched over to GPS on device only rather than WiFi/data, the app didn’t shut down once or give me that stupid message above. 1st world problem solved. I think.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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