I got a very cross telling off from my tired legs this morning when I woke. Instead of deciding to drive to work after dropping the boys at school, I got dressed and took the dog for a frolic in the forest as a form of recovery. I humped the 29er into the back of the van and after dropping them off, I decided to go cross country and see how boggy things were after the rain.

It was pretty muddy as the fat tyres slid, skidded & slipped through the sloppy mess. My feet came off more than a couple of times to avoid falling into it and there were standing puddles everywhere shining like silver in the watery morning sunshine. I didn’t take any photos until I was on firmer ground for fear of falling off.

Firm but squelchy

Even so, this firmer ground squelched under fallen leaves as I rode along. Yes, the water table is high. The river trail was littered with pools of water wherever the unpaved trail was sunken. The views around were however splendid on a still morning.

I arrived at work with mud spray on my face, flicked up my back and with bad@$$ reputation intact. But I think that it may be time to kick the trails into touch for a while-all of that cleaning is boring and the crosser is beginning to feel like fun again anyway.

Those shorts were black 50 minutes ago!

So a decision was made for the return trip to be on tarmac. Quiet back roads for part of the way. Less danger. Apart from walkers springing out in the darkness, inattentive, mindless to their surroundings as they listened to whatever from their earpods. Those wireless earpods, dangling out of each ear like menthol cigarette fag ends. Where is the cool in that? Am I now too old to see where cool is?

Car drivers were no better on the busier roads, whizzing past, too close at times to get somewhere important. It’s time for a rest day before I get too disillusioned.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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