I watched NZ domination over England unfold over the weekend. I love Test cricket. There are so many key moments over the course of 5 days that decide the outcome. In my case, the key moments defined a slowly emerging, enjoyable dominance by NZ in a match where they did not take their foot off the throat once they were given their opportunity. England, in their usual weakness playing overseas were easy prey in the end. But not quick enough to do it in the 1st session. Watching the match from the other side of the world in the UK, I could only realistically watch the first 2 hours. I had great plans to watch part 2 of War of the Worlds during the lunch break in order to keep going and get the 2nd session in but nodded off during some pretty meaningless batting from England before the break.

I dragged myself up to bed, defeated by the Sandman to prepare for another rinse and repeat Monday:

Take boys to school, park at supermarket, ride home running various errands, prep dinner in the slow cooker, take the dog stick/ball fetching/poo collecting, watch highlights of what I had missed while I was sleeping, ride back to supermarket, collect boys. In my tiredness, I was less than enthused to ride home in the drizzly gloom after dropping the boys off. But it was mild at 9°C and after last weeks bitter chill this was a pay back day. After a cat food errand and collecting a blood test form from the GP, I was home to the expectant pooch. Out with her in the drizzle, I realised that I had forgotten the key ingredient for the evenings chilli-minced beef. A schoolboy error equivalent to the English batting (pretty poor).

A new spray tan-I call it “Muddy Puddles”

One of my goals this year was to ride at least 365 times this year. That ride up the Flitch to get the forgotten mince was a landmark. The ride back to the boys was #366. Yep, I am 111% committed to riding a bike…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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