It has stayed mild but wet. I chose rest over riding on wet Wednesday and Thursday morning I couldn’t ride and be in at work and showered by the time that I started squeezing in 2 days of my day job into one. And then my tech had to go and collect her daughter from school after she threw up all over one of her classmates. We had the day finely tuned and to lose her meant that I had to manage 2 separate groups. It was hell running anaesthetic emergencies and chest drain insertion in the room next door at the same time. And that was after a morning of medical student practical skills teaching where most seemed to want to be somewhere else.

As it was still mild and a low risk of rain, I decided to get the bike out of the van and ride home that evening. This is what I did in the days when I first started bike commuting, before discovering that I didn’t have to just ride to work from home. And before discovering that I am able to push myself and be resourceful on figuring out how to get more miles into my.busy life. These were also the days before we got the camper. These days, there is always one of my bikes in the back of that thing.

The roads were covered in puddles and the cars aggressive but it was a restorative for my agitated state. Judging by the state of my legs when I rolled in, I suspect that the crosser picked up a lot of muck on the country lanes closer to home. It was probably the last ride in shorts this year too.

Next morning it had cooled right down to zero. I talked myself into watching the 1st session of the 2nd test 1st session that night so it was no surprise that I took 45 min delaying the inevitable before rolling out the following morning. It was a stupid decision but the factor that talked me into it was that at least I could drive home at the end of the day.

Intending to be a no hurry but spin fast enough to stay warm ride, I battled the traffic taking s reasonably short route. The 508 passed me within an inch of my life on the London road. Literally:

Lane width = 4 metres

Bus width ~3 metres

Me = squeezed to < 0.5 metres from the curb

The bus stayed in the lane. I don’t know how the ‘ucker missed me. I clocked his number plate but unusually for me, I forgot it by the time I got to work. I wrote a complaint anyway even though it isn’t the Arriva policy to inform complainants of the outcome of their “investigation”. Just that the depot manager will “look into it”. I am wondering if it’s the same driver as my last 2 complaints. I might make a Freedom of Information request to find out. If I survive that long…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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