Thursday was a bonus. Mrs B2W had the day off so graciously offered to relieve me of the torture of the school run. I had a choice-accept and ride or let her have a lie in and do it anyway. I chose the latter but she declined my counter offer as she needed motivation to get out early to do the grocery shopping. I chose the usual school run park and ride anyway in anticipation of a later than late finish. But I did go in earlier so that I could take my time without the usual time-poor hassle of getting to work and showered for another day.

It was cold and foggy (again) and the roads were wet. An educated guess at the state of the trails found me taking them instead of subjecting myself to the idiot time of rush hour on the roads. Crunching through iced over puddles, crackling on frosted muddy tracks was a novelty. But the soil, hard and unforgiving forced a slow stagger through the rutted trails. I didn’t want to fall off so the 2nd half was spent on wet, gritty country roads spraying all sorts of muck on the legs. When will I stop forgetting that cold + wet = coldest? Even the merino socks over the fleece lined tights cold not stop my shins from cursing my poor short term memory as the cause of their pain. Socks covered with a film of thick wet grit, I arrived euphoric halfway through a B2W world record ride-101 bike commutes.

I declined the usual post ride conference following such an achievement. Even if I wanted to, it was too busy to answer the inevitable questions from the cycling press:

“How does it feel to be so close to achieving a goal that you have worked so hard for this year?”

I don’t know. I’m just the same person I guess. I haven’t done anything yet

“Have you got any plans to celebrate afterwards?”

Yep, maybe a long shower before making my breakfast and packing my lunch for the next day when I get home.

“How do you stay focused when times are tough and you just can’t be bothered?”

Not paying the man for petrol, getting to eat what I want and being heathy enough. Even when I can’t be bothered, I know that I would regret it if I didn’t do it.

“So what does the future hold for you now?”

Ride some more cos it’s fun right?

I was glad that I didn’t choose the full home to work ride when I rolled back at 21.40. But at least it was a balmy 5°C and dry. Looking at the weather app, the “moderate” wind looked like it was going to be friendly. It turned out to be the tailwindiest wind EVAH! I don’t believe the final average speed of 31kph. If I was on my crosser, I would struggle to reach those heights even with a 20mph push. I think that the GPS was playing silly buggers but as it happened on Strava, it happened. What can I say?

I could have celebrated with these bad boys delivered that day but they would wait until the weekend

So now every bike commute in 2019 will be a new B2W record. Rest? Meh…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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