Still riding

I’m taking a break from Bloom, the Dreyfus brothers, lifelong learning and curriculum design to treat myself to a post.

I’ve travelled to Uni on 2 Tuesdays now which has substantially reduced my options for mileage for the rest of the week. I drive 20km to the Park and Ride and ride the remaining 5km to the campus in Chelmsford. I would ride it but it’s too cold, nowhere to shower and change and if I drop the boys off at school early enough, I can make it in time to get a coffee before lectures.

The first 3 km is on a busy A road with fast cars keeping me company. Apparently, Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio. Fans of Nikola Tesla don’t agree. When it’s warmer I will take a longer, quieter route but until then, I am stuck with the scary Chelmer Valley road, a major arterial into the city. I have found a cycle lane off the chaos that takes me the final 2km to campus off the road and there are plenty of places to lock and store the bike when I get there. It’s not a long ride so I ride in my “normal” clothes. Yesterday I made use of a 50min lunch break to ride a mile into the city along cycle paths to explore for a bit and get some screen wash for the van. The sun was out and I was happy cruising the vehicle free paths. I think that I like being a student again…

This morning for the ride to work I was in tights. It’s been real mild until Friday evening here to the extent that I have ridden in shorts just as much as tights this year. < 5°C is my threshold for tights. I did regret that on Friday when I got a flat 4km from home on a dark country lane on a cold night. The legs were OK but changing a tube with gloves on in the very dark and night time is not my idea of starting the weekend. Especially when they got damp and the fingers ended up frozen on my return to HQ.

Back to this morning, I was cloaked in fog with 20 metres visibility. Oncoming drivers, confused about my slow approaching single light, slowed out of caution wondering about the solitary orb travelling towards them in the gloom. I wish that they were always like that. The same can’t be said for the driver of the Megane that decided to close pass me from behind. She could only pass me on the single lane by splattering mud on the side of her car; as she edged past me, she had to mount the edge of a slushy ditch to get past. I passed her at the cross roads further up waiting to turn and I’d like to think that she wondered whether it was worth it if she saw me pass by.

This evening on my return, I rode a normal morning route in reverse just to mix things up. I’m trying everything to keep me engaged with riding in the cold and dark. Only another 9 weeks to go until the days are appreciably longer and warmer.

Now, back to draft a poster presentation about an educational thinker…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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