My February face

“…what’s the matter
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness…”

William Shakespeare.

Cold temperatures, lots of cloud and a storm at the end of last week saw many factors to contribute to my February face.

Working in health-care, I have been receiving regular e-mail updates about the latest Corona virus outbreak. On Friday, after agitating all week for the failing boiler that heats my building to be fixed or even replaced, a bombshell was left in my in-box. I have edited out the identifiable stuff-they don’t like their staff publicly shaming them.

So that’s why there was no water or lighting in the shower/changing room on Thursday when I arrived at work. They were getting it ready without telling their “people”. We aren’t called staff anymore. Even HR have renamed themselves “Our People Directorate”. To end the staff comm, they dropped this little line…

Yeah, right! If they had the space and the money they would have already done this. It’s worth noting that this comm was sent after the lockers were moved with no one’s knowledge…to the corridor outside my office! Yep, looks like all people are equal except that some are more equal than others.

Not one to take things lying down, I drafted the response below.

We’ll see what eventuates but I can see showering in the OR becoming a daily routine. Or attending meetings in my smelly cycling kit. The apologetic response from the emergency and resilience manager to his credit was honest. In his assessment, he does not know whether there will be an area specified but will lobby for one but I don’t expect anything. After all, I ride a bike to work in traffic- I’m used to being ignored…

But the Estates manager, already (probably) fed up to his back teeth of me agitating for a warm building to work in is not going to hear the end of it until I get what is reasonable.

To round things off but the least problematic for me was a recent storm, the worst of which in my part of the UK was yesterday, Sunday. Others weren’t so lucky with power cuts, property damage from fallen trees and flooding.

I’m now sitting in the van outside school waiting for the boys soaked by rain after my ride into 40mph gusts. It was good and gnarly in a “there, I did it!” kind of way-was dreading going into it being pushed over into traffic so I kept a quiet a route as possible. The winds are slightly more predictable than the drivers in these parts. I even took a mini detour to stay out with Ciara for a bit longer. She had a real sting in her tail this arvo…

This post was brought to you by the essay avoidance (in)action group

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to My February face

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Our People Directorate?! Sounds a little… I don’t know, communist? Is the hospital thinking of running a dictatorship? In China? What knucklehead came up with THAT in lieu of HR? ROTFLMAO

  2. capejohn says:

    I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t convert the upper management room in lieu of the bicycle changing room. Actually we all know why, don’t we.

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