Monday 30th March (#28)

The winter has a sting in its tail with northerly winds continuing to bring cold temperatures but in the main, it’s dry. I can cope with that, especially the dry part even though there is a risk of being dumped on by a rogue shower. In the morning, a northerly is more or less behind me and a full pack shielded me at 7 a.m. The clocks have moved an hour forward. Amen! Another milestone in the long wait for the warm weather. The blinkie was set as I gingerly pedalled into the frigid air donned in full winter jacket. 10 moving cars in the first 10km again and as many walkers. Otherwise, things were fairly standard for the times; a token close pass on the A1184 before I hop onto the river trail. No herons but lots more people again walking and jogging, making use of semi quarantine.

Shower and brekkie done, it was time to face the onslaught. Today was the day that the medical student volunteers arrived so my usual Monday day off was put back a day to allow me to take part in their induction. An Amazon wishlist started at the end of last week as a plea for people to donate for them during their stay with us went viral over the weekend. It has exploded into the Med Ed dept being the distributors of donated snacks, microwave meals, Crocs®, softdrinks, chocolates, coffee, tea, biscuits, razors, deodorant…campbeds! There are no Itsu katsu noodles left in stick now. The library is now the supply depot, the Med Ed manager the quartermaster general and the librarians+the rest of us the distribution agents for the hospital. There is more than enough for the students. People are so kind. Human nature>inhuman nature (Jim, 2020).

There was no hurry to get home and I was itching to ride another summer route on the bridleways and farm tracks. I had an errand to do on the way so extended it to take full advantage on the Rockhopper. The main roads, not busy but still dangerous with plenty of wannabe Herts & Essex rally drivers about were left behind. This way was a more than an acceptable alternative, sparking memories of forgotten summer capers bouncing around the countryside.

The wind had picked up and was against me. For a change it didn’t matter, mainly due to hedgerows and woods sheltering me from the worst of it but also the sun and drying soil. It wasn’t fast (I am not near fast anyway). All around there are signs of the seasonal colour change; tree buds and greener woodland floors the most notable.

Motorway underpass art. I don’t come this way much on a work commute as it’s near the end so I try to avoid the steep gravel track leading up to it. I am usually knackered by this stage

I got to civilisation too early and found a distanced queue of 20 people for the pharmacy. 1 in and 1 out and meds being dispensed outside when ready. You can trust the Brits to form an orderly queue-they are world leaders and seem to be born with the instinct for it. I didn’t fancy joining them though and took my chances in the supermarket for master15s muscle balm next door. Mental note – 5p.m is the time to go there – no queues. Double success.

Back home to a protein rich smoked tofu stir fry with couscous I set about setting up my new phone. A squillion taps later to transfer apps and files, I am all set. Amazing how used to the slow deterioration of these things you get and looking forward to MY crappy location/GPS being a thing of the past.

Total Covid deaths 1408 (last 24hrs 180)

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  1. meltdblog says:

    If you haven’t seen it, the flip side of everyones phone having a GPS is services like google maps show live estimates of customer count for business/places. Not always a perfect match for supermarkets with their variable numbers of checkouts open, but a handy tool to pick an opportune moment for a visit.

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