1st April (#29)

It was a clear night and there was frost. I did not see the frost until after I had decided on shorts. 1°C felt colder but I stupidly pushed on trying to force summer. It was a gloriously sunny morning, still but cold. My legs or at least my shins complained most of the way. Not even car counting could distract me from their endless belly aching about my poor fashion choice. I counted them out loud one by one until I got to 10km (33).

I counted 134 at 15km. Last winter I passed ~ 250 over 7km when the M11 was shut due to an accident. This tells me that this morning was quiet on the roads. The grabber truck driver who sped past me only to turn left into my path 30 seconds later reminded me that it only takes one dolt to ruin a life. But to give credit where credit is due, most drivers have given me loads of space and sometimes been courteous enough to give way when I have right of way. There have been palpable differences in driver behaviour since this plague started to lock most down. I am so not over this virus.

It was another day full of teaching, learning, listening. I can do PPE and recite the Covid19 ALS algorithm in my sleep now. I am so over this virus. And there was the unpacking of donations for staff. The library now looks like a supermarket warehouse. The cardiology aisle is now chocolate and biscuits, General Medicine- feminine hygiene & toiletry products, O&G-noodles, pasta and tinned foods, Psychiatry & Mental Health-tea & coffee, Surgery-soft drinks, juices and bottled water, Fiction-stationary, pens and pencils. I won’t go hungry if I can’t get home.

I was tired so put my commute home off looking for anything, everything to do. Eventually I dragged myself out and into the nearly fading light at 19.05. It was another still evening and my legs were happy enough in shorts at 3°C. The new phone is just dreamy, not losing GPS signal and has great battery life.

Total UK deaths: 2, 352 (563)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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