12th April

This is our 17th England wedding anniversary. The year before we tied the knot on a beach in NZ at 9 a.m. in front of family followed by smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and a BBQ back at my folks. That one is my favourite wedding-the formality of being married in front of others that I barely knew in a church wearing a suit was overwhelming and nerve wracking a year later. I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. I do not remember as much as I should have. All I do remember is being uptight, concerned to help make the day great for Mrs B2W and others.

I woke to Mrs B2W getting ready to stream 9 o’clock Easter Mass on the laptop. We watched Fr Carlos do the live stream but it just wasn’t the same as it normally is. Too distant, remote. Afterwards I got up, made bacon rolls, another coffee and sat down watching master12 grazing on his egg. We did Facetime with Grandma in NZ before Mrs B2W went for a run and I started on lunch. While the wedges were par boiling I started on my another batch of BBQ sauce quaffing my 1st glass of Sauvignon blanc. The lamb burgers had been prepped the night before using chopped mint from the herb garden that has survived another winter. Mint doesn’t need much care but can get out of control and this plant is no different, forcing its way through the coir retainer and spreading its way towards the ferns below. Until it was chopped back for the burgers that is. The sage has kept calm and carried on but is in need of some more compost to sustain it for another season.

Lunch in the warm radiance of the sun was followed by more wine. The extent of my BBQ maintenance was to scoop the grease from the plate into the wasp trap. I’ve seen a few about and read that they forage for protein in the Spring so hopefully the scent of grease will attract them to their fate. I’ve smeared the opening with vinegar to deter the bees.

After waiting out a brief rain shower, I hopped on the bike and headed up the Flitch to investigate the distant thunder. After all, I needed a 30 days of biking in April ride.

Showers and the setting sun

It wasn’t what I would call a classic wedding anniversary for good reason. Mrs B2W has been noble in working solidly, today her 2nd day off in 18. She was exhausted so I quite rightly let her rest, in fact was insistent that she did. Apart from a run with the dog, sweeping the floor and a short spell at the ironing board, she was forced to relax. While we would have spent the day as a family anyway, a home day was enforced by the C word. At least it will be an anniversary remembered…

Total UK deaths: 10, 612 (737)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to 12th April

  1. capejohn says:

    I’m having a wonderful time on the 30 day challenge. I do miss my EPL on the weekends. It’s nice being a neutral watching all the matches. Keeps my blood pressure down.

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