14th April (#35)

This morning was back to 3 layers including the winter jacket and winter gloves + scarf & tights. All the way I was cloaked in a film of cold although my core was warm in the 1°C morning. Although I went the short route via Sheering, the road was busy with cars; over 40 in the first 10km despite leaving 30min earlier than I have over the last couple of weeks. It looks like more the same for the rest of the week-cool mornings with it getting up to ~ 10°C at home time.

This means packing a pair of shorts for the return leg which I did today. Double the washing burden. As the journey in was short, I planned a longer route for the afternoon. It was cool still but an acceptable 8°C under clear blue skies. I shed a layer underneath my winter jacket and it was just right. The countryside is the place to ride when it’s like that, regardless of the temperature. Uplifting.

Clear sky contrasting with the canola field

I stopped in a sheltered spot to have a breather and soak in the afternoon sun. If only it was another 5°C warmer, I could’ve been perfect. I took my time because it was my early finish day and survey my view. I thought that if the summer continues as Spring has so far then it will be a good one even though there will (probably) be no cricket.

Riding country trails in the sunshine

Total UK deaths: 12, 107* (778)

* these are hospital related Covid deaths. There are many, many more from the community and nursing homes that are not currently being included currently.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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