15th April (#36)

Another cold start but dry and still. It was slightly less cold but not even the brilliant morning sunrise could fool me in to even thinking that it was a bit warmer. The morning dew on the fields danced in the sun’s reflection as it slowly rose in the sky. Again it was short route and busy roads. Busier even than yesterday but I’m over counting cars so can’t quantify it.

In-situ simulated Paediatric cardiac arrest was followed by a visit to a ward whose staff were anxious about a patient with a tracheostomy tube. They are a gastro ward and had been supplied with a nurse from the respiratory ward where these patients normally reside. Except that the Respiratory ward are now a Covid designated ward and the gastro ward is “clean”. So I tried to do some teaching and facilitate some learning but could tell that their fear of the unknown over rode their curiosity to know more. Its gonna be a long haul to reverse that so I started another PowerPoint slide show video and arranged another couple of visits during the week.

I had plans to leave early to drop by an occasional pub stop. The Queens Head has a beer take-out service 4-5.30pm-you take an empty bottle, they fill it with your choice of ale and you pay for it before taking away. Because I was delayed today, it will have to be tomorrow. The temperature was a bit warmer than the morning but the “light” easterly blew across, in and through to me as I repeated this mornings route in reverse.

Cursing the cool wind as I went, I found that even the smallest irritation was horribly annoying. It was not the enriching ride of yesterday. Oh well, $H¡t happens

Total UK deaths: 12,868 (761)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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