19th April

I was woken by an elderly, demented, one eyed, nearly blind cat at 02.30. I think that the Tramadol was giving him anxiety and delirium as he made his way from his bed to under our bed several times. The heavy plod of arthritic rear legs and tuneful complaining kept me awake for a couple of hours. From the sound of his mobility, the Tramadol has sorted his pain at least. He obviously felt safe under the bed from whatever was freaking him out and he was unwilling to go near my welcoming give him a scratch-under-the-chin-and-it-will-all- be-better comfort. This usually works but not this time. Poor old bugger, he must have really been scared to shun that. I made the decision to leave him to his shelter and read the Sunday Times about the latest piece about the incompetence of the government handling of the current crisis.

It was only a matter of time that the scandal came to the surface. I am only surprised that it has been this quick. I drifted off at 5 a.m. to the comfort that I could sleep late owing to no cricket being played on this, the first day of the junior season. There is a temporary silver lining in every cloud but I would rather herd cats (coach cricket to kids) on a Sunday morning than this madness. We held a family meeting this morning. Rather than give pocket money at the current flat rate, Mrs B2W and I proposed a payment by results method. That is, do the chores and you get paid a tariff. If not, then you won’t see any reward. It is too taxing to keep the house at the moment without a fair distribution of the workload.

The meeting ended in disaster except PBR still stands with xBox privileges suspended until we see a better attitude to the “be kind and help each other” ethos that we want to see. They’ll thank us in the end although I do fear that the competitive element of an internal market may produce further inequality in different ways. So I decided to have some time out and ride my shop errand and get some IPA.

In the queue again, I got talking to a woman who had just started riding again but was complaining about a sore butt and legs. I advised riding every day until it stopped hurting. It’s the only way I explained sagely. She was hopeful that the gel padded saddle that her husband bought would help and I had to suppress my inner Jim to tell her that he had wasted his money. As long as they’re out enjoying the ride is what matters and I gave her some tips on flat routes away from traffic to add to their enjoyment. I bid her farewell with the expectation of seeing them out on the trails tomorrow.

Ride #19 done and back to a thankfully quiet home, I continued my roast dinner project. I’m loving learning how to roast stuff. It has always been a mystery to me having it cooked for me by either my parents, wife or her parents. I’ve discovered that it’s easy if you have a time structure which is a bit of a weakness of mine. The roast spuds, par boiled in the morning and then cooled until they go into the oven experiment worked a treat. I am also a convert to honey roasted parsnip. Today they were a bit too chewy but so sweet and the olive oil/garlic/smoked paprika rub gave the chicken an authentic brown skin finish. Next week it’s my nemesis, beef. Hopefully the Pomgolian weather will hold as forecast and we have a BBQ.

Afterwards we did our family walk, friends again discussing additions to PBR and the swelling number of people and families on bikes. I showed some local trails routes, trying to get the boys fired up for a ride tomorrow as the we weather starts to warm up again. It would be fair to say that a few old bikes have been resurrected from sheds and garages judging by the sound of squeaky chains. I wonder how much of this Sunday activity will be normal this time next year.

Total UK deaths: 16, 060 (596)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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