21st April

I had a full on day of Dad chores planned today so was riding on the Flitch early heading into town to get some essentials which included printer ink cartridges. This home schooling thing is expensive! On the way I busted into the top 3 of a local segment. I don’t go segment hunting as a rule but I spotted this one after yesterday and, as I had the tailwind thought I would see how fast I could do it in. But 2nd fastest in the world? Give me a break! I think some government spin doctors must be moonlighting over at Strava…

Only 3 seconds away from fastest in the WORLD!

It was another blue sky kind of day, not as windy as yesterday but still cool from the ENE winds off the North Sea. I stopped on the way back and enjoyed my overnight oats in the sun before heading back to take the pooch for a wander and then back to the 2nd of 3 loads of washing (gotta make the most of the sunny weather in April).

Trail brekkie

Then it was time for a break in the boys academic work to teach them some life skills-how to do a sausage sizzle on the Calor Gas 3 in 1. We use this for camping and is very versatile.

An IPA from Alexandria, Washington, USA. Very nice with Cumberland sausage ‘dogs on a mild day in the sun-it was a day off after all…

Afterwards, I had garden plans but I had a nap instead before gathering nettles for nettle tea, the greatest tomato feed EVA! Then it was time for another pooch adventure-she lost her bouncy ball chasing rabbits on the field. It looked like fun and I would have joined her only my legs were feeling it after being 2nd fastest in the world 😂. I had no time to trim back the clematis, mow the lawn or mulch the herbs with compost. This will wait until the weekend when the sound of the mower can drown out the neighbours music.

After dinner it was time to narrate and upload another presentation. 16 views on yesterday’s upload which I thought was quite prolific until I heard the sniggers from the younger members of the family…

Total UK deaths: 17,337 (828)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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