22nd April (#38)

I was in early today so went the short route. I was quick by my standards. I cannot remember a time when the sky has been so blue and for there to be an absence of wind to speak of for this long in the UK. Sure, there has been cold and the odd cloudy day but the last 3 weeks have been generally glorious. It certainly made me force my legs out today after a 5 hr sleep and the exertions of my world record attempt yesterday. Another PB was set in this mornings first 10km with only 18 moving vehicles on the roads, smashing last weeks record by 9.

For a change, my first day back was not filled with answering a full inbox for a change. No one has time to send anything unless it is actually needed, an unforseen twist to a new world caused by this plague. And that was after a full morning of teaching on the wards. There is a palpable difference to the general atmosphere at work this week. People are a little less anxious, things appear to have settled down, less chaos and uncertainty. Have we reached the peak and starting the long plateau before the descent to things that once were or this this our new “normal”? At lunch time, we had a special delivery of food as a part of an outreach initiative to support the NHS. It was indeed a pleasure to meet Graham Gooch, a true gentleman, a legend of cricket and an ICC Hall of Famer. The curry was excellent and there were many junior docs very pleased with their surprise. I stowed mine to eat before my ride home later.

This mornings breeze up the tail had not turned and had become stronger. It was only going to be the short route again but the wind blew into my face all the way making it seem twice the length. No matter how I altered my options by changing my path slightly, it felt like riding through molasses. Sluggish, dysrythmic, tiresome. Even so, I had a short base layer under a short sleeve top without gloves under a mild sunny sky. There was a bit of a NE nip to the air but hey, it’s Spring! It feels like hope is slowly arriving.

Total UK deaths: 18,100 (759)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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