23rd April (#39)

It’s been a while since I woke with sore legs so this morning was a bit of a shock. I think that the 5 hr sleep the previous night had something to do with it as well as riding into that bloody wind yesterday. I decided that a dog walk would loosen up my legs sufficiently before riding into work. Again it was gloriously sunny skies under another blue sky. It was cool but with the promise of riding home in 21°C I was gee’ed up. A slight breeze behind me helped but the walk beforehand gave them an energy that felt unlikely when I woke. After yesterday’s slog, I felt like a Boss again.

Work was spent doing 2 remote on-line meetings using 2 different platforms either side of clinical teaching. I prefer MS Teams- you can blur your background or download and add a background of your choice. I’m thinking of a beach scene while I wear a vest or Lord’s. Something interesting to make things, well, interesting…

As predicted, it was summer for the return and, apart from the pesky crosswind was warm, sweaty. The sweat stinging my eyes and the bugs flying their kamikaze trail into my eyes was a sign of 4 the glorious months of riding to come. But it was a short one. Fortunately there will be more summer tomorrow. I was immediately irritated when I did get home – my cycling wash was still in the machine despite asking the 2 home schoolers to hang it on the line during their “lunch break”. My heart did melt when one of them wanted to ride up to the shop for sweets after telling me that he had been for a 10km ride already today.

Me: if you had time for a 10km ride, how come you had no time to hang my washing?

Master12: I didn’t know that you wanted that!

Me: yep, I put it on the family WhatsApp chat when I got to work. I forgot to ask when I left home.

Master12: WhatsApp is soooo yesterday! Do you want to know about this Rapper who died unfairly?

Me: (in my head) nope, I would rather drink a cup of my own urine after a day of not drinking any water.

I’ll just nag call them next time if I ever do get the time in the chaos of ever changing priorities at work. I am really looking forward to other adults managing my children again between 09.00 & 15.00 when this all blows over (whenever that will be). Teachers, you deserve so much more…

Total UK deaths: 18,738 (616).

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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