24th April (#40)

I woke way too early needing a wee and couldn’t get back to sleep. My wakefulness was interpreting by our elderly cat to clomp slowly across the floor for a food/scratch nag. It was a scratch nag as he stayed silent and lay down by the side of the bed until I got up. Then he started on the food nag. We were both up early. Me to ride in for an early Paediatric ED scenario, Mrs B2W to test everyone again on the new model of FFP3 masks. We have run out of the other ones. We are finding it tough to leave the boys while we work and they would rather have us around although at least one of us will have been at home for 4 days this week which is pretty good going given our circumstance.

Having to plan for kit to and from work can be a logistical headache at this time of year. Cool mornings and warm afternoons/evenings mean a different set up up top for the return. This morning was long sleeve merino base layer, short sleeve top covered by light jacket and spring/autumn gloves. My hands were sweaty when I arrived, a promising sign that I can pack the winter ones away and ride fingerless soon.

Work came and went as the warmth slowly climbed throughout the day. I had my summer route planned to celebrate another evening of summer weather. Mostly bridleways and country lanes and farm roads from a couple of years of extensive exploring and research. Normally 16.45 is an excellent time to ride on these as I hardly see a soul. It’s great to solo around debriefing the day, soaking in the sunshine and plan on extending the ride, time and energy dependent.

It’s a sign of the times that today was not one where I could lose myself. There were people to navigate around and other riders to wave or nod. I felt upset that other people now have access to my secret places. Bugger! Now I have to share them, I am less positive about seeing other people out on bikes in their relative masses. Oh well, time to explore other less well known areas to commute and allow others to use my places.

Total UK deaths: 19,506 (684)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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