29th April (#42)

I know that I had 1 glass of Malbec too many last night because my head hurt this morning. This is my drink problem, not having an off button so I need to go a while without any booze again. The periods where I binge like this are getting fewer and shorter but I still have them and immediately regret it. Without the booze, I feel more productive and more the person that I want to be.

Out into this mornings mist and wet roads, it was a different world in terms of the weather that we’ve experienced over the last month. This morning was cool and dank with wet roads. The advantage of this is knowing where the pot holes are to avoid because they are full of water. It was eerily quiet. I only spotted 2 people in the 1st 8km, one walking a dog and one jogging. In the next 2km, I was greeted with the first motor vehicle of the day and then another 5 in quick succession before I stopped counting at 10km. 6 will probably be the B2W PB. In contrast to Monday there were only 4 people on bikes out, 5 if you include me.

So the usual Wednesday routine followed; Paediatric in situ simulation, a digital meeting followed by a simulated cardiac arrest drill in the Respiratory ED. We got some curry delivered courtesy of Essex County Cricket Club but this time to cricket royalty. The BBC wanted to film the visit but our comms dept didn’t want them on site or interview anyone unless they were there too. Our Comms team are working remotely and don’t seem that bothered to help with filming of teaching or getting media attention. So as a result, another neighbouring Trust got the attention and we missed out. Getting media attention for a Trust our size is important so it’s scandalous that they allowed this to happen. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for my 15 minutes of fame I guess…

A curry tricolour: Chicken tikka, rice and saag aloo with a coriander garnish

Expecting rain, I wore my rain jacket but it never fell on me. I went the short route, getting apples from the shop on the way to support my sons’ Pink Lady habit. For the first time in a while I didn’t go near the booze aisle; I think that I’m in the right mindset again. Otherwise things were pretty uneventful save for my craving for water after 2 helpings of curry earlier-I’m a sucker for free food!

Total UK deaths: 26, 097 (765)

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