1st May (#44)

The former me might have decided against riding this morning. I’d done 3 commutes already, was a bit tired, didn’t sleep well, was likely battling a headwind and there was the hint of heavy showers later in the day. But like the 30 days of biking automaton that I had become, I added the layers, took my time with a morning coffee and steeled myself for the cool start. It was cool but at least the wind wasn’t as gusty as yesterday.

I was prevented by a road closure to climb up Station Road again so went around the back to climb the shorter, steeper roads up to the main road. I very quickly got fed up with the lack of solitude on the A1184 and it’s speeding cars so detoured onto the river path. I’ve been avoiding this whenever I can due to the increase in early morning exercisers and puddles. Halfway down this 3km section I passed freshly flowering cowslip, heaving under the weight of water from the recent rain.

Cowslip avenue

I got to the zig zag Bridge taking me over the railway and realised that the only 3 people that I met on the entire section were a dad and 2 children on their bikes slowing my progress on the bridge. They were the only people that I saw on bikes for the morning and there seemed to be plenty more cars out.

The zig zag bridge in broken lines. GPS not quite pin point accurate

I was knackered all day at work so had a double shot cappuccino and more than a couple of bikkies to keep my legs going on the return journey. Get back honky cat, better get back the woods…was the Elton John earworm on loop as the friendly tailwind pushed me up and down the way home (we watched Rocketman last night). So that’s what I did and snuck through Hatfield forest for the last leg. It completed another imperial ton for the week which I discovered is a halfway point to a B2W PB.

Total UK deaths: 27,510 (739)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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