8th May

Today was a public holiday. In the UK, there are 2 “Bank” holidays in May. The first is usually the first Monday of May but this year the government decided to push it back to 8th May, a Friday to commemorate VE day. I guess that there were designs of all sorts to celebrate the end of hostilities in Europe 75 years ago but the C word got involved to scupper most plans.

The boys’ school sent video links to find out why this was an important day, to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices of the time. The world was at war for half of master12s life. An estimated 70-85 million people died. Rationing lasted until 1954, ALL of master 15s life! Suddenly the last 6 weeks’ difficulties pale in significance.

I managed to talk everyone into a family spin this arvo but had to clean up and check Mrs B2Ws bike that has been neglected in the shed for months. Surprisingly it was working fine with all gears and brakes working and after a clean and lube it was ready. It was not an enjoyable start with master12 whinging and whining about his back tyre pressure and Mrs B2W forgot all I had taught her about the value of changing gear. Master12 did impress me with his daredevil down hill down a steep bank though. I didn’t have the right hand pump with me to put air into his tube via the shraeder valve so we turned around after 5km and I left them to detour via the shop for some extra distance.

I also needed a bit of time to myself so had a pit stop in the sun listening to TMS. They’re playing the 2nd test of the 2005 Ashes in real time. Today was day 2. England are all over Australia like a rash, a surprising turnaround after the 1st test. I have fond memories of this series at a time when it was briefly on free to air TV. I’m surprised that television hasn’t picked up the ball and shown classic sports events in full as if live. Anyway, cricket on the radio is far better for me allowing me to picture the match in my minds eye from some very high class commentators that broadcast in the UK. On TV, they tend to state the obvious, overly opinionated, try to be funny or fall far short of the great doyen Ritchie Benaud.

I probably bored the neighbours listening to it as I fixed a slow puncture on Mrs B2Ws front wheel and pumped master12s tyres. As well as the dog walking house slave, I’m the bike slave. I like this description, a slave to biking in many ways: cleaning, fixing, reading, writing, riding…I’m sure that I also bored my wife listening to it on burger duty at the BBQ. Despite the C word curtailing the season, I’m still a cricket slave…

Total UK deaths: 31,241 (626)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to 8th May

  1. capejohn says:

    My local newspaper, The Boston Globe, has more than twenty pages of obituaries every Sunday. The US will reach 100,000 deaths within a week or two. Our federal government is still in denial that this pandemic is a problem.

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