13th May (#47)

13 or 47, unlucky for some, unlucky for me.

Mrs B2W went to bed feeling like she was “coming down with something”. This is not unusual for her when she is tired so I suited up in my tights and 3 layers, including my winter jacket to brave the 2°C morning temperature. I would have classes this as mild 12 weeks ago in February. It’s funny how the body is quick to acclimatise isn’t it? But the NE breeze was behind me and feeling epic, I powered an extra 6km following the country roads and some off road trails, happy to be out. I am now back into my essay sentence and paragraph construct for my work. Reading the evening before and reflecting on how it relates to my assertions and arguments has thankfully taken over the 8 week pastime of counting the number of cars and people out and about.

The traffic was unexpectedly light. Yay!!! People can’t go to work because they cannot adequately distance, are able to work from home or have to mind their children because the schools aren’t open. After yesterday’s boredom, parents that stay at home with their children have my respect. But I can only imagine how much home/garden improvement I could have got done if I was in the same boat. My 2 generally get their work done so I am free to do as I please as long as that’s house cleaning and making meals.

I got to work and headed over to shower. Imagine my surprise that someone was residing there. The accommodation people had put a member of staff in there to isolate after testing +ve for the C word. Without telling me because they have no record of me having keys and the head of Estates and Facilities who gave me the keys is on leave. I went back to the office to organise an empty student flat to get clean and I got a call from Mrs B2W. She felt feverish but was afebrile and had a sore throat with a headache. “I’m sure it’s only a cold” she said, in denial over what she should do. “You need to get tested ASAP” I said explaining that’s what she would have me do if the shoe was on the other foot and that I didn’t really look forward to her adding to the death pile. She then called back after making an appointment for lunchtime telling me that all of us have to go into iso for the 48-72hrs that it will take for the results to come through. If she is negative, we come out of iso. If +ve, we stay in iso for 14 days. If any of us get symptoms in the meantime, we get tested and the merry-go-round continues. There goes my imperial ton for the week but that’s a small price to pay for a negative test.

There was no food in the house so she sent me a list for a weekly shop. There was NO WAY that I was gonna fit that into my 30L back pack and 10L saddle bag so I just got the essentials to get us through to Saturday. There were a lot of items of tinned food, milk, juice and fresh veg. 22kg heavier I set off towards home on a wobbly path into the biting Nor-Easter that had freshened up since the morning. Brutal is the overused word that I hear used used in cycling but not today. I needed to get home so went on the shortest route possible, the climbiest and busiest route. Up the Sheering suicide I wobbled into the wind, millenia from a world record riddr. My back was fine but my shoulders ached as I lugged that extra weight up and down into that B@$T@®d wind all the way.

Home earlier than anticipated I called it a day rather than drop my pack and get a few more km done. I unpacked, put away and had a warm shower before shouldering the primary caregiver duties and planning for a couple of days off the bike, off travelling to paid employment but on assignment duty and on top of home schooling.

Total UK deaths: 33,186 (494)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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