16th May

After smashing another 400 words out for my assignment until midnight, I got up with no spring in my step early to crack on with bacon bagels and coffee for brekkie. Then it was the final cleaning onslaught in preparation for our virtual house viewing. The new govt rule requires this before any physical viewing. I’m glad that I have had the experience of digital meetings already at work because there was no time to have a pro come in an video the house to upload it to the Estate agent for a virtual future view.

It still felt a bit strange showing our house on FaceTime® but we pulled it off enough to get the potential buyer to come and see the greatness of our house later in the afternoon. After the virtual viewing I dragged master12 out with me to the bike shop to have both rear wheels of both bikes look at. 15 minutes after arrival and having joined the 3 person deep queue we had not moved. I eyed the punters before me. First was a woman leaning against a foldable with 2 flats. The next was a guy with nothing, presumably to pick up a repair and next was a guy with a Specialized® road bike looking brand new. Who knows what he wanted but I saw my Saturday morning being frittered away waiting in a queue with an impatient pre-teen so we made a strategic withdrawal to get petrol and return home for lunch in time to take the boys with dog out while Mrs B2W facilitated the viewing. I fear that the new world of the economy slowly reopening is going to involve more soviet style shop queuing which will significantly slow the things down that we once took for granted.

It was the first time in 5 weeks that had driven the van and 8 weeks since I had put £30 if petrol in it. This is normally a weekly cost so I’m doing well and is the positive part of the C word for the B2W exchequer. We went out with the dog and noticed that despite the signs on the gate at the forest stating that it is still closed to the public, there was a couple walking in the field about 50-100 metres away. Why do some people think that they are above the rules? This sort of behaviour really infuriates me so I decided to have some teenage fun with the boys.

Hiding behind a hedgerow the boys observed as I shouted in my loudest and most officious tone:

“THE FOREST IS CLOSED!!! PLEASE LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!” They looked up at the maintenence building not in our direction on the Flitch to the north but to the east. “YES, YOU!!!! PLEASE LEAVE NOOOOOW” I bellowed. They looked around and then at each other. Keen to keep the pressure on (while the boys were in stitches of laughter) I continued, “TAKE THE NEAREST AVAILABLE EXIT. THE FOREST IS CLOOOOSED!!!! LEAVE NOOOOOOOOOW!” I boomed. Sheepishly, they turned around and started walking towards the gate in our direction! 😂. They ended up walking behind us on the Flitch for a while before we cut into the woods. It was a solid gold moment in our lives. I hope that it comes up when we reminisce on this period in our lives (although you “had to be there”).

Afterwards, we played more backyard cricket, something that has become a staple of family life that I hope continues once things return to normal, whatever that becomes. I can’t state highly enough how much I love being around them after the worries of the last couple of days.

I rode up to the shop afterwards to get some lager to accompany Mrs B2Ws most excellent chickpea curry. Curry is not the same without lager but neither was my after dinner batting on the minefield that is the backyard pitch. Although I was done by a couple of daisy cutters I was quite simply not good enough in the face of some pretty hostile bowling with a couple of pints of Stella Artois in my belly.

I was not good enough to add to my previous nights word count either. With my deadline fast approaching, it’s time to knuckle down and keep the momentum for a great grade. With my laptop frequently being used for school work while the sun is up, it looks like some late nights to get it done.

Total UK deaths: 34,466 (468)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to 16th May

  1. bgddyjim says:

    And that’s exactly the point… what exactly did it take for our governments to resort to Soviet style queuing? A virus. Food lines, panic, nobody wants to work because they’re getting more from aid than they would to work, and even those of us who are taking a hit, we can survive on the government stipend if we don’t spend a lot on frivolous niceties… and that’s why the system collapses. Every time.

    And it took all of two months for everything to be wrecked.

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