18th May

With the temperature warming up to the high teens today, I made plans to get a good ride in this morning. The cat made sure that I was up early but I dithered about playing fetch with the dog and got out at 10.30. This gave me a good 90 minutes exploring before I had to be home to tidy the house for another video/virtual viewing by a potential buyer.

I went up a summer time day off route to check out a couple of bridleways that I had spotted on the Strava route builder. I never seem to find these in practice as when it’s sunny, I get distracted. This time I was alert even though the sun beamed on the countryside and I spotted the byeway sign. I had no idea where it would head to, I just went where the legs took me. It was pretty hard and rough but it took me on a loop back to Molehill Green that I had passed 15 minutes beforehand.

I wimped out and walked at the side of this puddle.

Back around I went towards Great Easton trying to find a bridleway to take me up to the old airfield. I found it and fired up it to the farmland at it’s Eastern edge.

The bridleway behind me opened up to an arable farm with big views

It was so peaceful, warm and still. I stopped for a drink and a pee. Onwards I went, bumping over wide broken concrete roads that once saw B-26 Marauders take off to bomb supply lines and strafe airfields on their way back in advance of the Normandy landings.

Airfield crossroads

It was a good 90 minutes and I could have stayed out exploring forever. But I have commitments so rounded towards home to make lunch and get the to-do list done. For those 90 minutes, I forgot my troubles and just rode where I wanted in a naughty-boy-been-chucked-out-of-the-house-go-and-play-somewhere-else! kind of way. It made a nice change to my time poor commutes. Next week is half term and the boys won’t be chained to their books or screens. It will be a good time to take them exploring that way.

Total UK deaths: 34,796 (160)

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